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Welcome to
writes, "Hello..
I woud like to welcome you to the first blog of This blog will be used to talk about the advantages of using this website as a means to help grow your business. We will feature the different categories and how they can help you to promote your business. We will also talk about different ways to get your business noticed on & offline.
The first feature is the business directory. This is where your business will be listed. You will be able to have a very detailed description (up to 25K characters). You will have the option to add pictures, a website and YouTube channel link, plus so much more.

The second feature is our banner ads. We offer a variety of sizes and location sites through out the entire website. You can be on one page or as many as you want.

The third feature is the events calendar. This can be also be used a marketing tool because it gives you more visability if you host different classes or events.

The fourth feature is the newsletter. Once a month we distribute a newsletter to all that have registered on our site. The newsletter contains information about local events and can feature businesses as well.

The fifth feature is our BLOG. What you are reading right now. We will post one blog per week and within the blog we will feature one local business.

We hope you have enjoyed reading the first blog. The next one will be next Friday. Please subscribe so you can keep up to date on the latest news with

What ways do you suggest promoting business offline?

-- KingArthur2019, Jan 03, 2019 03:50pm
I would start with in person networking. Talking to people about your business and giving them a business card is definitely my number one offline marketing tip.
You could also do flyer/post card mailer distribution is your budget allows for it.

Thank you for the comment. - Marianna

-- admin, Jan 03, 2019 05:31pm

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