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Fox News

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Ohio clinic finds breastfeeding more likely to... Could delaying a newborn’s first boost breastfeeding rates? A new study conducted at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio suggests yes.

Thousands of caravan migrants in limbo awaiting... Almost 9,000 migrants hoping to reach the U.S. through various caravans have registered for temporary asylum and work visas in Mexico but only 500 have been granted status, officials say.

Venezuela's Maduro breaks diplomatic ties with... A furious Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro broke diplomatic ties with the U.S. Wednesday as tens of thousands of locals marched the streets to protest the socialist leader's rule, calling it a "crisis."

Deer leaps over family’s dog in bizarre home... A surveillance camera has captured the funny moment when a deer leaped over a Kansas family’s dog.

Manafort team, in defiant court filing, rejects... In a defiant court filing on Wednesday, lawyers for former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort rejected Special Counsel Robert Mueller's claims that Manafort repeatedly lied to investigators after agreeing to cooperate in a plea deal last year.

Special Forces soldier killed in Afghanistan... The Army identified the Special Forces soldier killed in Afghanistan Tuesday as a Green Beret from Virginia.

Worldwide terror attacks shrink to seven-year... Global terror attacks fell 33 percent last year, while non-militant fatalities dropped by more than one-quarter, marking their lowest point since 2011, according to a new report.

Sean Hannity set to bring radio monologues to... Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity will debut a new show on Fox Nation beginning Jan. 30.

It's time to end DACA – It's unconstitutional... The central issue at stake in the DACA case is not whether the young people now protected by DACA deserve or don’t deserve to be allowed to stay in the U.S. The issue at stake is what power the Constitution gives the president to act alone by issuing executive orders, without seeking approval from Congress.

Inside the Venezuelan protest movement: 'This... Draped in the flag of their country – once the richest and most prosperous in Venezuela – thousands of Venezuelans poured into the streets on Wednesday and Thursday, vigorously calling for reigning President Nicolas Maduro to be removed from office.

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